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Finite Element Analysis
Stress / Strain Anlaysis for Structural Integrity
Finite element analysis using Pro Engineer Mechanica software is used to optimise the structural performance of products. By applying virtual loads such as forces/moments and pressure to the 3D models to help calculate stresses and strain, deflection, mass properties and even vibration and fatigue. This optimisation process can subsequently help improve product perforamance whilst reducing prototyping and material unit costs.
The service provided covers a variety of different studies according to your requiremnent. The stuctural analysis include some of the following loads
  • Forces/Moment
  • Pressure
  • Bearing
  • Gravity
  • Centrifugal
  • Temperature
Product performance can be analysed by factors such as beam analysis, mass properties, bolted joints, and spring idealization etc. As a result design studies include the following tests:
  • Static (tension, compression and torsion)
  • Modal (vibration, 1st frequency)
  • Fatigue (N cycles)
  • Dynamic (Shock, time)

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